The Secret of the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - is the most beautiful color spectacle of the nature. In the night sky of the Arctic regions this brilliant light phenomenon will never leave you cold.

The Northern light Club has chosen for you probably the best way to hunt the Northern Lights, enjoy classic safaris programs with quality spa hotel in Luosto, Lapland.

We equip you with a northern light alarm and map of our tested trail to watch Auroras. In our Aurora lounge, you can see the latest information and forecast, while enjoying warm drinks. We offer you Aurora bus tour (ca. 3-4 hours) with the Northern light show (duration 45 min) together with active researchers in Sodankylä.

At the House of Northern Lights the picture and video show by a local skilled Northern Lights guide will lead you through ancient beliefs and myths to the latest scientific truth. You will also be able to listen to real radio signals from the space, at the same time as you enjoy the Nature's most magnificent light show.

After the show we will track down the best places to see and photograph the Northern Lights. We are happy to find for you the best holiday activities from our week program with our wellness and spa services.

Aurora Borealis Gallery
Aurora Borealis Gallery